Most Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Are there placeholder users in

There are no placeholder users in Only registered users can be added to meetings.

2. Why can I not customize my Home Page or Workspaces?

There is currently no option to customize workspaces in Both the Home Page and Team Workspaces are auto-generated for you.

3. How come my quarterly goal is/is not showing in the meeting?

Click into the rock from either a tile outside of the meeting environment or while the meeting is running. Adjust the Quarterly goal visibility drop-down.

  • Team Meeting - Quarterly goal is able to be attached to a meeting.
  • Personal - Quarterly goal is not able to be attached to a meeting.

4. How do user types (permissions) work?

Administrator Supervisor Employee
Can add other Administrators and Supervisors
Can add personal and meeting do-dos assigned to self
Can add issues and quarterly goals for meeting that self is an attendee of
Can create meetings
Can view meetings self is an attendee of
Can view meetings self is NOT an attendee of

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