Organizational Chart

Manage users and functions on the Organizational Chart

Navigate the Organizational Chart

To move around the organizational chart, click and drag with your mouse. Use the scroll wheel or minus/plus/Reset buttons at the top to adjust the zoom. 

Use the Collapse/minus/plus/Expand buttons on the top left-hand side to show/hide levels of the  Organizational Chart. To expand/collapse the organizational chart manually, hover your mouse over a box and click the small up/down carrot button. 

Add or Remove Box

If the organizational chart is empty, and you only see the Company box, click the yellow Add independent function button. This process will also create new main branches, which could be used as a draft.

To add additional boxes when the organizational chart is not empty, click the yellow plus button near the bottom of an existing box.

To remove a box, click the three verticle dots to the right of the Function near the top of a box and click delete. If a box has direct reports, the box will not be able to be deleted. You have two options:
  • Delete all the direct report boxes.
  • Move all the children from under the box you wish you delete.

Reposition Box

Click and hold the 6 small dots to the left of the Function within a box. Drag the box, and while aiming with your mouse. The destination target will highlight yellow if this has been done correctly. Release the mouse button. 

When moving a box with direct reports, all the direct reports will be moved along with the supervisor.

Edit Users and Functions

Add a function to a box by either clicking the word Function or clicking the three vertical dots to the right of Function and clicking Edit. Use the slideout window to update the Function, Employee(s), and Roles.

To add a function start typing the name of a function. If you see that the function already exists, click the title. Otherwise, continue typing the name of the Function and when complete, click the [FUNCTION] new. Once a function is added to a box, roles can be added by clicking the blue Add role button. Roles would be the day to day activities associated with the Function/job title.

To add an employee start typing the name of an employee. Click the name. Repeat to add multiple employees to one box.

Click the yellow Update seat button at the bottom to save.

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