Team Workspaces

View the auto-generated Team Workspaces, Meeting archives, and backup the V/TO™

Click Team Workspaces from the left-side menu.

Here you can view all the meeting workspaces you have access to (account admins will have access to all Meeting Workspaces).

Open Workspace

Clicking Open Workspace will take you to an autogenerated workspace which includes tiles for to-dos, issues, key metrics, quarterly goals, and people headlines.

Each tile contains the items owned by each meeting attendee.

Clicking the item title will display the item notes and settings.

Use the yellow plus button on each tile to create new items.

Click the yellow Go to meeting button to proceed to the meeting launch screen.

The three vertical dots to the right of Go to meeting will allow you to create a meeting printout and access the Archives (archived items).

Search box

Use the search box at the top right of the screen to search by keyword within the titles of all the displayed meeting workspaces. This will not filter by item name, only the name of the meeting. Clicking the upside-down triangle will allow you to filter by Type of Workspace and Team Member.

Additional Options (three vertical dots)

Click the three vertical buttons at the top right of any meeting tab to Go to the meeting or view the archives.

Go to meeting - Redirects to the meeting launch screen.

Archive - The archive stores the archived meeting data such as resolved issues and completed to-dos.

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